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Art Class


At IAA fine Arts Preschool we recognize that for young children art is a language, that children express themselves through art, music, play, and storytelling, to instinctively express feelings of real thoughts and emotions. With the understanding that it is important to create valuable and meaningful experiences for young children to discover their talents, explore their world, and create a strong foundation for learning and success, we looked and found that arts programs & curriculums for young children can be solely focus of our program and that how the Fine Arts Preschool was formed.


Our program is founded on and guided by a single basic philosophy: that childhood academic success comes more readily when children are prepared with a creative and inquisitive mind. Each week our children are exposed to dance, music, art, theatre, storytelling, and more; our core belief is that within the structure of each art form there is no right or wrong way and that the focus should be on art as a process and not a product; our goal is to provide world citizens with pro-social skills, emotional literacy, and a creative spirit.

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