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10 Weeks

About the Course

No experience necessary! Our in-depth studio lessons provide students with the opportunity to experience the creative process in a supportive environment. You will learn to create meaningful art pieces through the use of mixed media. Develop your own imagery through a variety of techniques and medias:

  • Drawing techniques with charcoal, pencil, watercolour pencils, conte, pastels, graphite powder and more

  •  Acrylic painting techniques with a variety of acrylic paint viscosities and interesting mediums

  • Mixing beautiful color combinations and learning brushstrokes

  • Exploring interesting and unusual tools and properly and effectively using different mediums

  • Other creative techniques such as photo transfers, acrylic skins, use of plaster and textural elements

Every project is unique and fresh, incorporating new and adventurous techniques and interesting mediums. You will learn how to combine all of these together to discover your own vision and direction.

IAA Team

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